Barranca de Huentitan

Barranca de Huentitan is a national park located in Jalisco in the northern outskirts of town. The impressive public park offers some of the most rewarding views in Guadalajara that includes a deep canyon shaped by the Santiago and Grande rivers.

The park serves as home for many endemic species and is a paradise for bird watching. There is a cobblestone and brick trail that leads to the bottom of the canyon and one can also have picnic along the river in this natural setting. The view of Barranca can also be enjoyed from various lookout points within Guadalajara Zoo located adjacent to the park.

The beauty and structure of this park can be considered a smaller scale version of the Grand Canyon in the United States. The park has been the location for many battles of the Mexican Revolution and Cristero War and is a protected natural and historical area.

The park offers sporting and recreational facilities like soccer, basketball and tennis besides having an outdoor theatre. The park is a unique natural area in the country of Mexico and is visited by locals and tourists for the rich presence of nature and also for the general recreation and facilities.