Cumbre Cerro del Chiquihuite

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The Cumbre Cerro del Chiquihuite is a park in Mexico City and located in the northern part of the city. The park is part of the Sierra de Guadalupe, a mountain ridge and stands at a height of 2370 metres. The park is part of the volcanic dome of exogenous and dacite rocks.

There are also some springs in the area which have been drying in the passing years and the largest of these springs known as the Pocito is located in the colony of Lazaro Cardenas. There are human settlements on the slopes of the mountain and colonies that can be seen here include the Candelaria, Ticoman, San Juan and Guadalupe.

There is also danger of landslides in the area and as such constructions have taken into effect these natural calamities. There are television stations like TV Azteca and radio stations like Grupo Radio Centro which operate lines there besides microwave transmitters, amateur radio and other telecommunications.

The colony of Lazaro Cardenas in the area is one of the most populous colonies in Latin America while indirect cities are also located in the region. The park offers some scenic beauty in a part of Mexico City that is also known as the home of several large colonies.