Estela de Luz

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Estela de Luz or Pillar of Light is a monument in Mexico City and one of the most bizarre sights in the landscape of the city. The monument was built to commemorate the bicentenary of independence of Mexico from Spanish rule.

The monument is a tall structure not built to be the tallest in the city and is built near the Torre Mayor, one of the tallest buildings in Latin America and the highest skyscraper of Mexico City. The design of the monument was a winning entry for an invited competition to seek the best combination of the past and future of Mexico.

The design uses quartz and electrical lighting to achieve the effect and serves as a billboard flashing advertising messages of vital importance to the citizens of the fine city. The main use of the Estela de Luz would be for cultural events and offers a fine specimen of Mexican art and beauty of architecture.

The height of the monument is 102 metres or 335 feet and it is tested by the Guerrero Oaxaca earthquake which it withstood along with other tall buildings of the area. The monument is a veritable glory of the city of Mexico and alludes to its rich history and also modernity in the endeavour of the unique construction.