Fuente de la Diana Cazadora

The Fuente de la Diana Cazadora or the Huntress Diana Fountain is located in a roundabout Paseo de la Reforma at Mexico City. The fountain and the statue are one of the most distinctive sculptures of Mexico City and one of the most important urban symbols of the country.

Originally called the Flechadora of the North Stars, the fountain was built under a program of beautification of the city. The creation of several monumental fountains at city roundabouts was part of the city beautification process and the Diana fountain was similarly created.

The fountain takes the theme of the Roman Goddess of the Hunt and is one of the most representative sculptures of Mexican art. The fountain also reflects the political, social and cultural changes of the city of Mexico and offers a slice of the culture of the country. The monument of Diana is a monument to women, a monument to the beauty of the body and a monument to freedom.

The landmarks named after the fountain include Cine Diana and the skyscrapers Corporativo Reforma Diana and Torre Diana. The fountain is a fine specimen of Mexican art and beckons people visiting the city and country to have a look at it and appreciate it as a part of Mexican culture.