La Bufadora

La Bufadora is an amazingly breathtaking natural phenomenon that occurs in the city of Ensenada in the Baja California region of Mexico. There is a marine geyser or blowhole located in the peninsula of Punta Banda and is a natural spout that shoots sea water high in the air.

The spout of water is the result of air trapped in a sea cave exploding upward and there is also a thunderous noise created as per the effect. La Bufadora is one of the largest blowholes in northern America and shoots water upwards more than thirty metres or one hundred feet.

There is an exhibit hall rooftop located at approximately twenty four metres or eighty feet above sea level and the blowhole frequently sprays water above it. The area is one of the most impressive natural attraction of the region and also offers beautiful views of the coastline of Ensenada. There are local shops where one can buy handicrafts and also enjoy street performers sketch on flat dishes or abalone shells.

The spout is the most famous and spectacular attraction of Ensenada city and there are also cliff top vistas of Ensenada bay and Todos Santos island. The name of the place comes from the Spanish word ‘bufar’ that means snort.