Los Ayala


Los Ayala is a beach destination in the area of Nayarit in Mexico and is situated in the foot of the Sierra de Vallejo mountains. The beach is a wonderful treat for families as children can go play for soccer in the sands while there is also large number of restaurants serving delicious meals.

The golden sand beach stretches for one kilometer while the warm turquoise blue waters and impressive bluffs beckon the nature tourist. The beach is located in a small town set among green hills and is a beautiful destination with a wide variety of lodging options.

The tranquility and warmth of the beaches can be experienced by the visitors to the place while they can also undertake boat rides to sites like the Coral Island or Cangrejo Island. Activities like snorkeling off the shore and exploring rocky depths occur in the region as is the chance to ride on the famous banana boat.

One can also hop aboard the Party Boat and dance away as when sailing the Pacific Ocean. This undiscovered gem of a beach and bird watcher’s paradise guarantees a rejuvenating stay in the palm fringed beach area and calm, cool waters perfect for swimming.