Pan de Azucar San Juan

Pan de Azucar San Juan is a market in Mexico City and one of the most favourite marketplaces in the city. The market features real good sausages and cheese besides giant toast at good price. There is also the snack of honey and toast crocodile and if short on budget one can try the variety of spices that can illuminate the spirit.

Within the market is the Las Tapas de San Juan which serves authentic Spanish tapas. The feeling of eating standing in a crowded market makes it a worthwhile experience to visit the market. The eating can also be accompanied by wine and the market offers variety for those who are looking for something new and exotic.

The market is the ideal place to buy spices, exotic animal meats, cheeses, caviar, breads, fruits and vegetables. One can also try and see the world cuisine like the European style sausages and traditional Spanish tapas.

The market is one of the prominent market places of the city of Mexico where one can buy a variety of things which are not just home grown but also international and the feeling of shopping in a social market also makes it a nice spot to visit and surf the shops.