Playa Caletilla

Playa Caletilla is one of the most famous and visited beach destinations in the town of Acapulco in Mexico. The island of La Roqueta protects the high waves of the Pacific Ocean and the beach is ideal for visiting children and for calm waters and soft sand.

There is a large range of high end restaurants in the area which attracts tourists both domestic and foreign. There is also a song composed for the beach Caleta by Jose Agustin and makes the beach a part of culture and music. The Caletilla bullring is famous for some bull fighting extravaganza and live action.

The Magic Marine World of Spa sits on a small island and houses an aquarium with different species of fish and reptiles. The Virgin of the Seas is a submarine chapel in the area that is near a small rocky islet and has image of the Virgin of Guadalupe admired by people along with biodiversity of marine species of Acapulco.

There is also a crafts market in the area famous for hand made works by local artisans. Caletilla is small, secluded and scenic beach known for its soft sands and is sheltered from the winds and also has live events and some fishing village.