Playa Condesa

Playa Condesa is a popular beach in Acapulco in Mexico and one of Acapulco’s most famous beaches for its party scene. There are dozens of bars, clubs and restaurants that are located on this strip of sand and promise the liveliest social scene in town.

Playa Caleta was once the beach of Acapulco’s nobility and there is a sense of royalty in the air. The beach is protected by La Roqueta island which makes the waters calm and the sands soft. The beach is perfect for a luxurious yet relaxed Mexican experience and one of the most popular of the city beaches featuring beach front restaurants and lot of activity and shopping centres.

There is also the giant bungee jumping attraction in the area Paradise Bungy which draws crowds of onlookers as the jumpers dive into the giant swimming pool beneath. The bars and nightclubs of the region make it a popular party spot while other activities include swimming in the calm waters and water sports like wind surfing, snorkeling, parasailing and water skiing.

The beach is a popular tourist attraction and also attracts lot of locals who want to play in the sands or party in the night spots and also get a chance to see some bungee jumping action in real.