Plaza de Santo Domingo

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Plaza de Santo Domingo is a fascinating plaza in Mexico City that offers a wonderful slice of Mexican life. There are arcades on one side of the plaza and a Dominican church on the other.

There is also the statue of the heroine of the Mexican War of Independence, the Corregidora of Queretaro, Josefa Ortiz de Dominguez that dominates the plaza. The statue stands in a fountain in the middle of the plaza and is a place of scenic beauty.

The plaza is also known for scribes who compose and type letters for their clients. There are people clacking away on typewriters which are ancient electric typewriters besides an avenue of print shops and presses.

The palace of the Emperor Cuauhtemoc once dominated the plaza before the Dominicans built their monastery here. A small church called San Lorenzo Delcon is also located in the area besides the Republica de Cuba which houses a music school. There is also the Republica de Brasil where lies the home of the Mexican War of Independence heroine Leona Vicario.

The plaza is a quaint area of the city known for some quirky typewriter using people besides an incredible statue and offers not just a slice of Mexican life but also some facets of its history and social structure.