Plaza del Sol

Plaza del Sol is one of the largest shopping malls in the urban area of Guadalajara in Jalisco in Mexico. The plaza is the first mall in Latin America and the largest outdoor mall in the city. It is located next to the Plaza Millennium and future Torrena and is located few blocks away from the Expo Guadalajara and Guadalajara World Trade Centre, one of the highest commercial areas in the city.

The mall is the pioneer of shopping centres in Latin America and is known for its novelty and location as well as a history full of vision and tenacity. The mall is a commercial innovation unprecedented in the country and is a large commercial complex where one can buy everything one needs.

The most important commercial centre of Guadalajara, the site is a mandatory visit for both locals and tourists. The mall is a big shopping centre where the people of the city come to shop and there are also live events that are held in the complex like some Mexican ranchero music.

Among the various things available in the mall are premium chocolates and burgers besides garments and swim wear. The mall attracts people not just from the city but also from far and wide and is an interesting hotspot for culture and extravaganza.