Plaza Garibaldi

Image from Wikipedia.commons.

Plaza Garibaldi is a plaza located in historic downtown Mexico City and offers a fine example of Mexican culture. The original name of the place was Plaza Santa Cecilia but with the conclusion of the Mexican revolution, the name of the plaza was changed to honour the hero of the revolution Jose Garibaldi.

The plaza is known as the home of mariachi music in Mexico City and mariachi bands can be found playing day and night in the plaza or soliciting gigs from visitors to the plaza.

The Salon Tenampa, home of mariachi music is still in business in the north side of the plaza. The mariachi musicians play for patrons of bars, nightclubs and pulquerias that surround the area besides other musicians like the jarocho players, northern style folk tunes and modern music players.

The plaza and its neighbourhoods are undergoing extensive renovations and the area is designated as a Barrio Magico or ‘magical neighbourhood’ by the city. There is also the Museum of Tequila and Mezcal located behind Agave Garden on the plaza besides a store that sells tequila and mescal.

The school of mariachi music is also located nearby in this plaza which offers a fine specimen of Mexican art and culture.