Pyramid of the Sun

Pyramid of the Sun.

Pyramid of the Sun is a towering stone pyramid that is the chief attraction of the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Mexico. The pyramid is located fifty kilometers north of Mexico City and dominates the skyline at a sacred site where Aztecs believed that the Gods were created.

The pyramid is one of the most important ruins in Mexico in the epicenter of culture, religion and commerce of ancient Mesoamerica. The pyramid is one of the largest structures in the pre-Columbian world and the third largest pyramid in the whole world. The entire Teotihuacan temple complex is one of the most sought after tourist attractions in Mexico City and is part of a large archaeological area that is the largest city in pre-Columbian Americas.

There are 248 steps carved into the front face of the pyramid and there is a mission to climb all the steps in the hot Mexican sun beating down. The view from the top of the pyramid is worth the ascent and provides an extraordinary perspective down the magnificent Avenue of the Dead and the surrounding mountains.

The front wall is exactly perpendicular to the point in horizon where the sun sets at the equinoxes. The pyramid is of enormous size and has a rich history that makes it a popular attraction in Mexico.