San Juan de Ulua

San Juan de Ulua is an amazing floating fortress and an island bastion of history and power in the city of Veracruz in Mexico. The structure was built by the early Spanish to conquer the new world and the fort stood guard over the Veracruz harbor.

The city of Veracruz and the fortress has seen more gold and silver being stored and shipped there than at any other place on the earth. The fort is a favorite tourist attraction and one of the most enchanting for the active traveler and historian who wants to step into the colorful past of Mexico.

The unique fort structure sits on an island off the coast of Veracruz and is connected to the mainland by a walk bridge. The fort provides empty ruins of passageways, battlements, bridges and stairways undergoing long renovations. During colonial period the fort and island was the main entry point of Spanish newcomers to Mexico.

The fortress area presents a fascinating museum and historical site and enchants not just the historian but also the avid traveler. The nearby areas of El Tijin and Catemaco also offer adventure getaways in this unique natural and historical city. San Juan de Ulua is not just a fort, it is also a rich symbol of Mexico’s unique past.