Sinfonia del Mar

Sinfonia del Mar is a coastal side attraction in the south west part of Acapulco in Mexico located on the Avenue Adolfo Lopez Mateos overlooking the Pacific Ocean. The site is the place for the large city owned amphitheatre which is used for musical performances and symphony concerts besides local shows and dance performances.

The Symphony of the Sea is a stepped up plaza built on the edge of the cliffs and gives the folks a magical view of the Pacific Ocean. The La Quebrada cliffs are the site of the famous Acapulco divers and offer some great action in the waters.

The bench seating has a large central section while seats are reached by stairs with the oval concrete stage area featuring a large sunburst design. The site is a popular place to watch sunset over the Pacific Ocean to the west and restrooms are also available during events and the sunset.

The view from the site is spectacular and is really relaxing watching the sunset over the waters. The place is a mélange of beauty while the free concerts also make way for some live action. The place is an attraction not just for locals who want to enrich the culture but also for tourists who want to soak in the rich culture and the views.