Teatro Metropolitan

Teatro Metropolitan is a popular theatre house in Mexico city and one of the best known theatres in Mexico state. The place is an outstanding entertainment venue in the centre of the city and is also a symbol of architecture and eclectic ways of building and renovation.

Before being Teatro Metropolitan, it was known as Cine Metropolitan and built as a movie palace. Cine Metropolitan opened with the Argentinian film ‘Dieciseis anos’ and later was closed as cinema and renovated and reopened as a live venue for staging mainly rock concerts.

Teatro Metropolitan is a sponsor of the National Jazz Festival of Mexico City and was also the site for the annual ‘Premios TV y novelas’ ceremonies. The theatre is located in the centre of Mexico city and dedicated primarily to plays, stage concerts, musical concerts, dance performances and performances by national and international bands.

The theatre is one of the few examples of Art Deco preserved in Mexico City and its simple façade is inspired by the Rockfelles Centre and Radio City Hall. The theatre is a unique historical and recreational site in the city of Mexico and is one of the most cherished and popular zones for the appreciator of performing arts.