Zocalo is the common name of the main square in central Mexico city and was the main centre of the Aztec capital Tenochtitlan. The square presents the chance to discover pre-Hispanic ruins and majestic colonial buildings while the surrounding streets show a cross-section of the population of Mexico city from business executives, workers and fashionistas to vendors, buskers and Aztec dancers.

The place is among the largest squares in the world where people gather for civic and cultural events and celebrations throughout the year. The National Palace in the vicinity is a significant tourist attraction with walls covered with murals depicting the history of Mexico from before the arrival of the Spanish to the modern times.

The Cathedral of Mexico city is located north of Zocalo and there are colonial religious art and beautiful gilded altar pieces. The square is a significant political and artistic venue where cultural events are held like the Festival de Mexico, the annual art event and concerts like that of pop singer Shakira besides parades like the Mc Alebrijo parade.

There is a terrace bar at the Grand Hotel that offers a refreshing spectacular view of the square. The Sci-fi series Babylon 5 also uses the name Zocalo as the main gathering place of the station.